LA is a megapolis of gleaming facades, where everyone is marketing something. In the case of dating profiles, they’re marketing themselves. Here’s how to build the best dating profile and navigate the Los Angeles dating scene successfully.

Clichés Begone

Everyone says they like “going for walks in the park” or “enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire.” When building your profile, think of something thought-provoking that you or the other person could use to start a conversation. Other clichés to avoid include “I’m not the typical L.A. guy,” “I enjoy good food and traveling,” and “I love trying new things.” An increasingly common one is “I have 4.9 stars on Uber.” All of these practically scream that there is nothing interesting about you.

How about “I work hard and play hard?” It’s a pretty popular one that’s actually equally boring, except that it says you have a job. There’s no way that won’t make a good impression.

Look at a Selection of Profiles

It’s always good to look at what other people are saying if you’re struggling for inspiration. Reading a selection of profiles will give you ideas of something you might include in yours or what not to include.

Honesty is the Best Policy

In the world of dating, lying doesn’t help you. If you found out your date lied to you, you’d probably be hurt, especially if it wasn’t a little white lie. Don’t lie to them either.

It’s (Sadly) all About the Pic

Well, maybe not “all,” but the profile picture is crucial. Experts recommend we choose action shots. A photo of someone doing something – skiing, playing the piano, etc. – will get more clicks and messages than a static one showing just their face. This is even true for action shots not showing your face. If you do want people to see it, choose a recent photo. Don’t use any pic that’s over a year old.

Be Specific

If you must say you love traveling, give a specific example. You could include a line about what your favorite destination is and why. This will help other users get a better feel for who you are. Specific information breathes life into your profile.

Be Patient

Don’t be surprised that it takes some time for girls to share personal information or agree to meet you. After all, there are so many profiles to choose from on dating apps. If you feel it’s taking too long and you’re not getting anywhere, try an app like The Inner Circle. It hosts get-togethers for people to mingle twice a month.

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