My Sexual Obsession With My Naughty Babysitter

My life was pretty normal until my parents hired a hot and naughty babysitter. I am a 20-year-old guy who goes to school, plays sports, video games and so on. Oh yes, and I spend a ton of time watching hardcore porn videos. It wasn’t always like this for me though. The need to watch constant babysitter porn videos began a few months ago. It was right about the time my parents brought home a nanny.

Our babysitter’s name is Felicia and she is about 43 years old. She has a gorgeous face, great body and long black hair. Her ass is simply amazing for a woman her age. It almost defies gravity since it’s so firm, round and big. Then there’s her perfect boobs which are about a size 38D. I cannot remember how many times I have masturbated thinking about those perfect juicy tits. And the rest of her amazing body.

Felicia was hired because my mom started to work again. We needed someone to watch over my other younger 5 year old sister and 2 year old brother. That’s when they decided to hire her and the rest of my life changed. At first, I never really bothered thinking too much about her. But one day, Felicia was bathing my little siblings and she got her shirt wet. The t-shirt she was wearing was soaked and I happened to be passing by. Because the tee shirt was very wet, I was able to see her breasts clearly. They were firm, round and huge. Plus, her nipples seemed to be popping out. She seemed embarrassed at first since I could not stop staring. Of course I said sorry for looking and she just smiled.

Soon after that I began to have wet dreams about my hot and beautiful babysitter. Not content with the dreams, I began to search for MILF and mature women porn videos online. I also started to look for babysitter porn videos or anything with a hot babysitter in adult sites. Pretty soon I was jerking off at least three times a day. I would sometimes crack open my door and look to see if I saw Felicia. Watching her in the living room or kitchen, I would begin to play with my cock.


My friends would come over my house and stare at Felicia as well. A few of them would tell me “Dude, you have a hot MILF babysitter!” I would act as if I didn’t notice or tried to play it off. But, deep down, I was obsessed with my hot and naughty babysitter. Things have been getting worse for me the past few weeks. Felicia has been on my mind all day and night long. I am not an ugly guy and have a lot of girls who like me. But, for some reason, I am no longer interested in any of them. I fucked a few of them here and there just to get off. Yet to be perfectly honest, I enjoy myself more whenever I masturbate to free dirty babysitter porn videos I find online. The same for any hardcore porn movies with MILFs or mature porn movies.

Once the weather began to get warmer, my fixation with my nanny worsened. Since the weather was hotter, Felicia began wearing shorts, skirts and other reveling clothing. The other day she had on a flowery dress. If fit her perfectly as she walked around the house showing her luscious body. The soft wind pushed the dress against her skin. It helped reveal her juicy ass and perfectly firm tits. Plus, I could see the see her panties through the silhouette outline which the sun revealed. I rushed to my room and began to check out hardcore porn videos with sexy milfs and older women. I came upon one that had a beautiful MILF which looked just like Felicia. My cock was throbbing now and the only thing left for me was to jerk off.

I grabbed the lotion and began to place it on my hands and dick. As I began stroking it, I heard the door in my room creak and open. It was Felicia who was looking for me to ask me something. Luckily, the computer and desk where were facing away from the door and she could not see what I was viewing. She also could not see my hard cock in my hands. Yet the surprised expression on my face must have given me away somehow. She apologized to me and closed the door again and left. I had to wait a few minutes though because of my hard-on. I then cleaned off my cock and ran out after her wondering what to say.

Felicia apologized once again for entering my room without knocking. But I told her it was alright and that I did not mind. My only hope is that next time, if she finds me with my dick in my hand, she may be willing to join me. I can only hope that she will finally let me fuck her. Being able to make love to my hot and naughty babysitter would be a dream come true.

For now though, I am thankful for all the adult sites full of free hardcore porn with older women in them. And for the many babysitter HD videos I find online. They are the only thing helping me release this obsessive urge I have to fuck my babysitter.


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